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Product details: Trab Titan Vario 2 (Z7-9) inkl. Stoppers Alpine Touring Bindings

The Trab Vario.2 binding has an innovative toe unit of one simple component in titanium. Elasticity, strength and independence characterise
this ultra-lightweight binding.

The heel unit offers different solutions improving the quality of release: lateral elasticity till 43°, 8mm elastic slideable carriage, compatible front and side releases.


Weight: 218g
Downhill angle: 2.8°
Uphill angle: 0° and  8.7° and 10.5°
Heel setting: 24 mm
Material: Ergal
Release: 7-9


• Easy and intuitive to switch from uphill touring to dowbnhill skiing mode
• 8mm elastic slidebar track to improve release standards
• 3 positions climbing aids
• Crampon attachment
• Adjustment: 24mm
• Forged aluminium jaws
• titanium spring
• Technopolymer lock/unlock front lever
• roto-riveted hardened steel pin



One simple component in titanium specially designed in its shape and structure links the two jaws in the toe unit. this extremely simple mechanism offers a significant guarantee of functionality and reliability. the toe unit jaws open with a light pressure on the front lever, which can be pressed either by hand or with a ski pole. position the boot so that the jaw pins are level with the holes on the side of the boot, then release the lever so the jaws close locking the toe of the boot into place. rotate the lever upwards to block the opening
of the jaws.this special elastic component in titanium permits the toe unit to adapt perfectly to all types of boots, guarantees that the boot remains fixed in place and with the help of some particularly well finished and crafted pins it can clean out the boot inserts during use.

The titanium elastic element (shaped wire spring) ensures remarkable elasticity that allows the binding to absorb the impact of falls. In this way the binding parts, the ski and the skier themselves experience a hit that has been absorbed by the elasticity of the system and not a violent blow in case of a bump or fall.

The heel unit has an innovative snap system that allows an easy transition from an uphill (5.7° ngle) to a downhill position and can be rotated 90° allowing the boot to rest on the ski when moving uphill improving the length of stride (0° angle).

Boot pins of the front unit made of hardened steel with self-cleaning hollow. roto-riveting for a steady and durable anchorage.

A simple binding which is nevertheless the synthesis of different lightweight processing technologies: aluminium forging, steel/aluminium milling, special polymer molding, titanium processing and treatments.


Please note: your stoppers size should be the next bigger one, depending on your skis´ waist (E.g.: waist 90mm -> 94mm stoppers).
The “size” selection refers to the stoppers' width.

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Sustainability:Wir Denken Um
Ski Touring Category:AllroundUphill Performance Focus
DIN Setting:9
Stopperbreite(n) in mm::85/94