Product details: Swix TS7B -8°/-2° 40 g Glide Wax Black

If the weather is just below the freezing point, the Swix TS7B would be the right choice to wax your skis and snowboard with.

This hard glide wax is easy to work with and makes for reduced friction in cold conditions and in contaminated snow. You can use it on alpine skis as well as on cross country skis. Either way you benefit from good properties, even on artificial or natural transformed older snow.

Move your iron in a speed of about 8-10 sec. and choose an iron temperature of 140°C (284°F), to generate an ideal result. To increase the durability of the Swix TS7B glide wax, you can re-heat it after letting it cool down to room temperature for approx. 10 min.


• Fluor-free
• Recommended temperature: -2°C to -8°C (28°F to 18°F)
• Recommended iron temp: 140°C (284°F)
• Content: 40 g (1.4 oz)

Swix TS7B -8°/-2° 40 g Glide Wax Black

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