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Swix Skin Care Glide Wax

Item number: 77904708
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Product details: Swix Skin Care Glide Wax

Swix Skin Care is specially developed for skin skis with integrated climbing ladder to optimize the gliding properties and prevent icing. The risk of icing is particularly at temperatures around 0 ° C when the snow changes from wet to dry. Under these conditions, skin care works like an impregnation that prevents ice formation.

The skidding properties of the skin skis are improved by Skin Care at any temperature as it minimizes the friction between the fur and the snow. In order to optimize the sliding properties, Skin Care can also be applied to the sliding zone of the skis.

Application before skiing: Spray on the climbing skin. Use the fiberlene to rub the fur in the direction of travel. Can also be used for the sliding zone: Leave in for 3 minutes. In the sliding zone polish with fresh fiberlene.

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