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Sweet Protection Trooper II SL Mips Te Helmet Gloss White / Black

Item number: 77506529
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Product details: Sweet Protection Trooper II SL Mips Te Helmet Gloss White / Black

The Sweet Protection Trooper II SL is a slalom race helmet which compromises for nothing. The TLC shell combines the elasticity of injection-molded thermoplastics with the stiffness of carbon.

This technology allows a meticulous fit in various areas of the helmet and, thus, an optimization of the helmet´s protective character. In combination with the shock absorbing and scattering Impact Shields, it makes the helmet extremely high-power.

MIPS mimics the protection system of our brain. In the case of an impact, the shell glides across the non-frictional MIPS mid-layer, so, less rotational strains impact the brain.

• S/M=53-56 cm
• M/L=56-59 cm
• L/XL=59-61 cm


What is MIPS?
The Multi­Directional Impact Protection System is a low­friction liner that helps reduce rotational energy to the brain in an angled impact.

How MIPS Works
The MIPS System allows the helmet to rotate independently around your head, redirecting impact energy and providing more protection in certain impacts.

Product attributes:

Original Colour:Gloss White / Black
Brand:Sweet Protection
Helmet Category:Race
dear 2 questions
1. sizing is the M the M-L size 56-59?
2. is there a slalom protector included in the price or not?
Hi Gert,

Yes, size M = 56-59cm.
Yes, there is a Slalom protector attached (not featured in Picture).

Kind regards,

Customer Service Team