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Product details: SunnyBAG Sunnybag Leaf Mini Solarpanel Schwarz

With Sunnybag Leaf Mini, your holidays, city trips, hiking, excursions, camping, ski tours and everything that suits your needs are made easy. Thanks to the mobile solar panel, you will never have to spend hours looking for a power outlet to charge your phone, tablet or smartwatch.

In its small version, the Sunnybag Leaf Mini is very handy and practical.  With its 5 watts of power, it offers enough power to charge your devices.  The best way to charge the solar panel is at a 90° angle to the sun.  Your phone will be charged within 3-4 hours, which in turn depends on the model of your phone.   If the sky is cloudy or the alignment is not at an angle, the charging time will take correspondingly longer.  

The surface of the solar panel is scratch-resistant, thanks to the eyelets on the sides of the backpacks, the Sunnybag Leaf Mini can be easily attached.  The solar panel weighs only 158 grams, so it is hardly noticeable in or on the luggage.


• 1 USB output
• ETFE- coated surface shock-resistant, waterproof and scratch-resistant
• Auto-Restart feature supports charging of iOS devices
• Power Indication Color - LED color tells how much power is being generated at the moment
• Solar cells with 22.4?ficiency
• 1.0 amps at 5 volts


• Power: 5 watts
• Weight: 158 g
• Size: 24, 2 x 17, 8 x 0, 3 cm

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SunnyBAG Sunnybag Leaf Mini Solarpanel Schwarz

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