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SunnyBAG Sunbooster Solarpanel Black

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Product details: SunnyBAG Sunbooster Solarpanel Black

The epitome of freedom: Hiking with a backpack full of food, drink, clothes... and electricity! The Sunnybag Sunbooster is a handy collapsible solar panel with a generous total output of 21 watts.

This solar charger supplies your devices - whether Smartwatch, navigation or mobile phone - with power when you are on the move. With 21 watts of power and 2 USB outputs, you can charge 2 devices at the same time - and with renewable solar energy. So you don't have to worry about empty batteries on long hikes, tours lasting several days or when camping. 

The Sunnybag solar system weighs 660 grams and of course also works at home if you want to use solar energy instead of the power socket!


• 21 watt power  
• Low weight of 660 g
• Robust, almost indestructible material with scratch and shock resistant surface 
• Foldable panel: large surface area, but stows away to save space
• Power Indication Color: LED light shows how much power is being generated
• Auto restart function supports charging iOS devices 
• Size 31x 49 x 0.2 cm
• Solar technology: 3 solar cells of 7 watts each
• Sunpower solar cells with 22.4 % efficiency
• 2 x USB ports

Fits perfectly with the Sunnybag Powerpack (item no. 54400504)

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Original Colour:Black