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SunnyBAG Leaf Pro Solarpanel Black

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Product details: SunnyBAG Leaf Pro Solarpanel Black

The outdoor solar panel Sunnybag Leaf Pro is with over 7.5 watts of power a really light and flexible outdoor solar system and inspires not only outdoor fans but all who love independence and want to be supplied with power around the world. Whether hiking, climbing, touring, cycling, golfing, camping or at festivals - from now on your devices are always fully charged and environmentally friendly, with the power of the sun.


• Solar cell matrix for stable power
Eighty small micro-solar cells from Sunpower generate a stable output power of up to 1.5 amps with 22.4 % efficiency. Even on a slightly cloudy day, the Leaf Pro still provides enough power to charge smartphones directly. The built-in auto-restart function also supports charging iOS devices like the iPhone.
• Key features:
The Leaf Pro is considered virtually indestructible thanks to its rugged matrix cell technology. It offers a scratch and impact resistant surface and will hold up in cold, rain, snow and wind. Additionally, a mounting system is included that consists of integrated hooks and included loops, carabiners and suction cups. This allows for easy attachment to backpacks, tents or even smooth surfaces. It is ultra-lightweight and offers 7.5 watts of power. 
• Highest quality control
The quality differences of solar cells are very high. Unlike conventional flexible solar panels, the Leaf Pro has a much higher efficiency rating - 22.5 %. To guarantee this, Sunnybag tests each Leaf Pro individually before shipping.
• Charging times
Like any solar panel, the Leaf Pro works best when oriented at a 90° angle to the sun. In full sunshine, smartphones will charge in 2-3 hours depending on the model. Larger devices like drones or tablets need 6-8 hours. The Leaf Pro can of course also be used to charge powerbanks and store solar energy for later use.

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