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Spark R&D ARC Pro  Snowboard Bindings Black Men

Spark R&D ARC Pro Snowboard Bindings Black Men

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Spark R&D ARC Pro Snowboard Bindings Men

The lightest, and highest performing splitboard bindings in the world.

Spark R&D makes bindings and winning hearts and awards for over a decade now.
Their Arc and Surge bindings are considered the best splitboard bindings you can buy.
But they couldn’t help but ask theirselves - how much farther could they go?
So, they pored over Spark R&D Arc and Surge bindings from end to end and put each component under the microscope.
Can they make it thinner? Can they use a different material? Can they combine these parts? Should they make a custom version?
The answer to all of it … was YES. And they did.

Their Pro Series bindings are the lightest and highest performing bindings in the world - made with incredible attention to detail and no compromises.
Pro bindings feature all the same great assets as their standard Arc and Surge bindings tuned up with premium materials and custom components.

• Carbon reinforced nylon highbacks are more responsive, lighter, and stiffer than the standard glass reinforced highbacks.
Injection molding allows for more complex geometry and improved impact strength compared to other methods of carbon fiber construction.
• Full Pebax plastics in Pillow Line straps, ladders, and adjusters. Pebax is a premium material most often found in high-end ski boots as it provides consistent stiffness and improved toughness in cold temperatures. It’s also 20% lighter than the standard material.
• 7075 aluminum heel loops
are thinner and lighter than Spark R&Ds standard heel loops while maintaining the required strength.
• Hollow pivot pins are made with stainless steel and are hollowed out to be 33% lighter than standard pins.

Lightweight with medium flex the Spark ARC Pro splitboard binding is perfect for long tours, epic overnighters, trees and steeps.

Weight/Binding: 552 g

M= EU: 40-43 / US: 8-10,5
L= EU 43,5+ / US: 11+


For mounting Pucks (727 012 14 or 727 012 30) are needed!
Those are not contained in the scope of delivery.
If you buy a Burton or K2 splitboard, there are Voile Pucks included!



Spark R&D

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Splitboard Binding


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