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Source Widepac Premium Kit 2 Liter Hydration System

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Product details: Source Widepac Premium Kit 2 Liter Hydration System

With the Source Widepac Premium Kit, you can either transport more water or expand your backpack.

With a quick coupling, the empty drinking bubble can be quickly refilled. In addition, the drinking hose does not have to be removed from its holder. The large opening also facilitates the filling and also makes cleaning easier.

The liquid in the drinking bubble, is surrounded by a co-extruded PE film.

Thanks to the glass-like foil, the surface of the source drinking systems is almost as smooth as glass. This prevents the detection of bacteria and the formation of a bio-film. In addition, the glass-like film is actually self-cleaning.

Bacteria are not given any chance with this drinking system thanks to the Grunge Guard technology, which is based on anti-microbial agents with FDA approval and EPA registration.

These two technologies in combination allow you to fill the bottle again and again and the water stays fresh even for several days without special care.


Dimensions: 19.5cm x 35.5cm x 6cm (max)
Weight: 170g
Drinking Tube length: 94 cm.

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