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Sidas Run Anatomic Ankle Low Socks Black

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Product details: Sidas Run Anatomic Ankle Low Socks Black

The Sidas Run Anatomic Ankle Low is the first deep running sock! Although it is not visible from the outside, it does not lose any of its high technology. This is characterised by a non-slip adhesive strip, a breathable mesh material and a technical, seamless jersey.

The foot hold in the hidden running socks is ensured by a technical, averagely tight fabric. Added to this is the breathable capability of the feet through a breathable mesh material.  

The Sidas Run Anatomic Ankle running socks will fit your feet well; a medium-tension tricot layer prevents any foot mobility. You will additionally enjoy good breathability of the feet thanks to the breathable mesh material.

A non-slip adhesive strip is located at the front of the foot to prevent slipping in the shoe, allowing a better connection soles / shoes / slope.

Perfect for trail or road running.

• "Pull-out": perfect adjustment
• Ankle support
• Adapted to the foot (average tightness of the fabric)
• 1 halter strip: non-slip
• Small loops: Comfort
• Open mesh: breathability

47% polyamide microfibre
45% polyamide
3% silicone
5% spandex


38 = S
41 = M
44 = L
47 = XL

Product attributes:

Material:Synthetic Fibre
Original Colour:Black