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Product details: Salomon T MTN incl. Stoppers Alpine Touring Bindings

Lightweight touring binding for uncompromising backcountry adventure.    

For high-performance alpine touring, the Salomon MTN + Brake binding boasts convenience, reliability, and light weight. The precision Lowtech system has multiple height climbing aids with quick, easy access, while the wider screw pattern and integrated brake give you confidence descending.


 • Convenient : Access the climbing aids with less manipulation because you don't need to turn the heel, and step in more easily with Salomon's patented step-in aid technology.    
 • Light : 390 gr / half
 • Reliable : Simple construction with fewer pieces adds robustness, and a wider screw pattern offers better energy transmission.
 • PIN Heel    
 • Heel Piece Energizer technology proven by being the most reliable concept in the Endurance Touring world.
 • Essential design with less pieces for a very light heel concept.
 • No need to turn the heel to manipulate the climbing aids.    
 • PIN Toe    
 • Lightweight construction with the right materials at the right places.
 • Easy step-in thanks to the patented guiding elements allowing the right positioning of the toe.
 • Wider screw implementation avoids pulling out of the bindings from the ski for added reliability.    
 • Easy climbing aids manipulation    
 • Ensures easy switch with the poles between climbing aid positions.


Heel Piece Energizer
Patented Step-in aid
Easy climbing aids manipulation
Screw implementation
Light weight construction
Metal construction
Crampon system    
PIN Toe    
PIN Heel   

Adjustment: 30mm


These bindings are NOT compatible with bellowed ski boots such as Scarpa F3.
These bindings ARE compatible with Plum, Dynafit and ATK crampons.


Please note: your stoppers size should be the next bigger one, depending on your skis´ waist (E.g.: waist 85mm -> 90mm stoppers).
The “size” selection refers to the stoppers' width.

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Product attributes:

Weight:390 g/unit
Stopperbreite(n) in mm::80/90/100/110
Ski Touring Category:AllroundFreeride / Tour