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Product details: Rossignol X-Ium Premium S2 Skating Ski 19/20

If the Rossignol X-Ium Premium S2 Skating ski is combined with the new IFP binding plate and the Pro Race-binding, it can show all its potential - without any limits which change the handling or the ski´s characteristics.

A true plus for all athletes pursuing victory, no matter if they are World Cup champions or young guns who are just starting their career.

The concept enhances the racers´ chance to win even further due to its possibilities to adapt and optimize the set-ups directly on the snow in order to adapt the ski to the local conditions.

Race technologies are applied to all lines in order to upgrade all Rossignol products - no matter if it´s a beginner or an advanced model.

Edge Energy Sensor
Stiffness in the center for better acceleration.

Combination of 2 materials (RossiCap + multidirectional glass fiber).

Supra Edge
Reinforced areas for more stability.

3D Carbon Profile
A more homogeneous structure of the ski for optimal control.

Lower Tip
More flexible, lighter ends optimize the ski´s balance.

Comb construction of the core for exteme lightness.

Air Tip
Air Tip base makes the ski lighter and eases the acceleration of diagonal step or double pole push.

Edges laminated with two different materials, maintaining the skis´ camber and, at the same time, increasing its stiffness for more stability.

Ski Length Recommendation:
Relevant for the suitable ski length is the skier’s body weight! If there are two lengths available, beginners should choose the shorter version, advanced the longer one.

174 cm = 40-60 kg
181 cm = 55-75 kg
187 cm = 65-80 kg
193 cm = 75-95 kg

Product attributes:

Cross Country Standard:IFP
Temperature Range:Universal

yes, this would be a suitable length.
There is no rigidity choice with this model.

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