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Rossignol Hero Elite LT TI + K NX12 22/23 Ski with Binding

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Product details: Rossignol Hero Elite LT TI + K NX12 22/23 Ski with Binding

The Rossignol Hero Elite Lt Ti is a superfast, GS-inspired race ski for tech-savvy on-trail skiers who love speed.

Competition-proven Line Control Technology (LCT) combined with a narrower 71 millimeter waists and a long turn sidecut allow for quick edge changes, high precision and power. LCT prevents counter-bending to ensure maximum stability and a controlled riding line in the turn.


• Balance of power transmission, grip and stability.
• Power Rail eliminates impacts and vibrations
• Efficient edge grip due to oversized sidecut
• Beech wood core for stability and robustness
• V-Titanal provides stiffened longitudinal flex
• Easy turn initiation through rocker
• Mini Cap offers durability



The "V" shape of the new V-TITANAL layer provides perfect ski balance to keep the right line even in rough conditions. The Titanal laminate optimizes damping and stability. In addition, the groove along the plate provides a stiffer longitudinal flex. Punching creates a phenomenon of mechanical anisotropy.

LCT Construction
Rossignol's patented and new LCT construction, from the World Cup top, ensures pure power transmission while providing stability in all situations. Thanks to a "power rail" integrated centrally from ski tip to ski tail, LCT eliminates ski shock and vibration, providing consistent stability and ski control even at high G-forces.

Rectangular Sidewall
Rectangular Sidewall construction of various Fabrics with sidewalls along the entire length of the ski optimizes edge grip, balance and power transmission of the ski.

Oversized Sidecut
The Oversized waist combines the heavily waisted sidecut of a carving ski with the current ski width. The wide ski ends provide efficient edge grip, power transmission and precision. The greater width under the binding increases control and grip in the turns. Oversize sidecuts allow greater maneuverability, power and control.

Full Titanal Layer
Full Titanal Layer provides a solid mechanism for restoring maximum energy and performance in hard turns, extreme conditions or at high speeds.

Beech Wood Core
Beech wood core provides optimal moisture and stability.

Mini Cap
Mini Cap construction features a small bevel throughout the topsheet for increased durability.

Premium Hardtop
Offers uncompromising topsheet durability, rich graphic accents, and more protection and longevity for your skis.

Piste Rocker
Designed for precision on-piste, it features a traditional camber of over 95% of the ski length for explosive power, snap and edge grip, and a subtle tip rocker (5%) for easier turn initiation and control.

Product attributes:


71 mm


18 m


121-71-101 mm

Reference Length 177 cm

Rocker Type tiprockerTip Rocker
Skisystem:Grip Walk Skisystem
Ski Category:Giant SlalomRace Skis
Binding System:Binding and Mounting included