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Product details: Rossignol Comp Junior Combi IFP / NNN / Prolink Skating/Classic Shoe Black / Orange Kids

Just like with any other ski boot, Rossignol equipped the Comp Junior Combi boot with an exclusive sole, developed and manufactured by Rossignol itself!

The result is superb: best possible optimization of the boot´s characteristics concerning performance as well as comfort.

• Weight: 1200g (@42)
• Sole: RC3 PU

Turnamic Sole
To optimally use the potential of the TURNAMIC® concept, Rossignol has developed its own ski boots/soles-combination. The soles´ unique build-up, adapted to each line, optimizes the ergonomics of the binding plate for an unprecedented degree of technical characteristics.

Formerly, Rossignol had to adapt its boots to a predetermined sole during the developmental process. But now, Rossignol develops and manufactures its own soles inside their factory in Montebelluna and doesn´t have to compromise for anything anymore. These soles are exactly adapted to the shape of the boots and Rossignol´s technology and make for a homogeneous, high performance entity. The result is a transversal use of the various technologies: the beginner items now exactly derive from the high-end models.

Sensor 3 Positions
Composition of the sole in order to maximize 3 important power transmission points - front end of the first and fifth metatarsal bone and heel -, the performance output, and the boot´s comfort.

Low Profile
The thin base enables the driver´s foot to be as close to the snow as possible, for lightness, driving experience, and optimal control.

Axis Protector
Looking at other providers, the binding axis is directly shaped into the base. Rossignol, however, integrates it into a seperate, very resistant plastic part which is consequently mounted onto the frame in order not to unnecessarily stiffen the front part of the boot and to maintain all the flexibility and rolling characteristics of the foot in the Classic category. This technology is used in all lines and combines, especially within the Classic category, a sneaker-like skating performance with an outstanding feeling when performing pushes.

Grip Tech
Ducts with a unique design and composition for cozy and safe skating.

The Central Insert
Rossignol developed various inserts in order to provide each sole with unique driving characteristics for the according technique ( Skating/Classic) and type of use (Race/Sport/Touring). By variation of the materials and its thickness as well as the shape of the central insert, each sole is characterized by characteristics which are exactly adapted to the driver´s needs.

Mid Sole
Mid sole is the connection between outsole and boot. It determines the preferred softness or stiffness. Because it is just that important, Rossignol emphasizes comfort and ergonomics in the developmental process.

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Original Colour:Black / Orange
Cross Country Standard:IFPNNNProlink