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Red Chili Spirit VCR Impact Zone 3 Climbing Shoes Weiß/Rot

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Product details: Red Chili Spirit VCR Impact Zone 3 Climbing Shoes Weiß/Rot

Red Chili Spirit VCR climbing shoe is an impressing mixture of performance and comfort.

As Red Chili's designated ‘luxury classic’ it shines in the gym as well as outside when it comes to classic rock climbing. Especially on longer multi-pich routes climbers will experience the enhanced level of comfort.

The shoes will also fit so called "greek shaped feet", were the second toe is the longest.

The Impact Zone wedge on the heel cushions your step and keeps you upright.


• Leather footbed for a precise fit
• Impact zone shock absorber on the heel
• The most comfortable all-rounder in the Red Chili collection
• 3 Velcro straps
• Easy to put on thanks to two-part tongue
• Perfect fit – even for those with Greek shaped feet (also: Morton’s toes)
• Classic fit


Size recommendation compaired to regular bootsize (acc. Red Chili):

Größe: Feeling:
- 2 extremly tight
- 1,5 very tight
- 1 rather tight
- 0,5 comfortable
± 0 very comfortable
+ 0,5 extremly comfortable

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Brand:Red Chili
Original Colour:Weiß/Rot
Sustainability:Wir Denken Um