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Quell 700 ml Nomad Filter Bike Bottle / Filter Bottle White

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Product details: Quell 700 ml Nomad Filter Bike Bottle / Filter Bottle White

The Quell Nomad filter bottle with the unique Disruptor filter technology offers you the purest water by filtering out more than 99.9% of all impurities. In addition, odours and off-flavours are removed from the water.

Unlike conventional water filters, Disruptor uses not only activated carbon, but also silver and, in particular, the principle of electroadsorption. The water you drink from the Quell Nomad bottle tastes much more natural and fresh.

The bottle is compact and lightweight, so you can always have it at hand in the car, during sports, while travelling, at work, at home, at school Quell Nomad filters directly while drinking, you don't have to wait for anything. 


• Bottle capacity 700ml
• Made from BPA free food grade material 
• Filters water up to 38°C
• Dishwasher safe (except filter element)
• Compact, lightweight and ergonomically shaped
• Drinking mouthpiece with overflow protection
• Bottle size 23 x 7.5 cm - fits most bike bottle cages
• 100% recyclable (except filter insert)
• The filter insert is replaceable 
• Filter cartridge capacity: 300 cartridges / 2 months (depending on the purity of the water used)
• Protective cap of the bottle also serves as a cup


Disruptor filtration technology

The basis of the Quell NOMAD filter bottle is the Disruptor filter element, one of the most efficient on the market today. It does not require high pressure, electricity or chemicals for the water treatment process, it does not add anything to the water. Thanks to the principle of electroadsorption, organic impurities are not only retained but also disposed of.


What does the filter remove from the water?

• Bacteria
• E.coli
• viruses
• Parasites and cysts
• Sediments
• endotoxins
• Trace elements of pharmaceuticals
• chlorine
• some heavy metals (lead, copper, iron)

Product attributes:

Original Colour:White