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PowerBar 5Electrolytes Multiflavor 2+1 Electrolyte Tabs

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Product details: PowerBar 5Electrolytes Multiflavor 2+1 Electrolyte Tabs

During selected workouts you only want to drink water to avoid the consummation of calories or carbohydrates or to optimise your fat metabolism. However, during exercise you lose electrolytes through sweat, which have many important functions in the body. This is exactly where the PowerBar 5Electrolytes effervescent tablets come in.

They dissolve into a high-quality, calorie-free sports drink containing the 5 electrolytes which you lose the most through sweat – it is ideal for basic endurance training or whenever you do sports, but do not want to consume any calories or sugars.

• Zero sugar – zero calories
• Provides the 5 electrolytes sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium
• 10 Tabs make up to 7.5 litre of sport drink.
• No aspartame, preservatives or artificial flavours
• Flavours with caffeine: Pink Grapefruit and Lemon Tonic contain 75 mg caffeine per serving, which helps to improve concentration



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