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Product details: Petzl Swift RL 900 Headlamp Orange

The Petzl Swift RL 900 is a rechargeable headlamp that combines a low weight with great luminosity, it also adjusts the luminosity automatically to the respective requirements thanks to a sensor.

With 900 lumen brightness at only 100 g, Petzl Swift RL is the most powerful of the Petzl compact headlamps. With Reactive Lighting technology, a sensor analyzes the ambient light and automatically adjusts the brightness to user requirements.

The headband is reflective for night visibility. It has a two-part construction for excellent stability in dynamic and committing activities such as mountaineering, trail running or skiing.

The Petzl Swift RL Headlamp is intuitive, with a single button for easy control over all lamp functions. Rechargeable, it has a five-level gauge for precise monitoring of the battery charge level.


• Longer light duration
• Better visual comfort
• Reduced manual intervention with Reactive Lighting mode: automatic adjustment
• Minimum lighting time of 5 hours in Reactive Lighting mode (Standard lighting level) 
• Visual comfort thanks to the combined cone of light: close vision, locomotion and distance vision
• Comfortable to wear thanks to the ergonomic, adjustable, two-piece headband (Petzl patent) 
• Headband made of reflective material at the back of the head
• LED indicator of remaining battery power, five-level charge indicator
• Easy to use: Single switch provides access to all functions
• Two lighting modes to choose from: Reactive Lighting or Standard Lighting
• LOCK function to prevent accidental activation when the lamp is being transported or not in use
• When the lamp is worn around the neck, the lamp body can be swiveled upward to illuminate the pathway
• Removable, washable headband


• Brightness: 900 lumens (ANSI FL1 standard)
• Weight: 100 g
• Technology: Reactive Lighting or Standard Lighting
• Light beam: wide or combined
• Operating options: Lithium-ion battery 2350 mAh (included)
• Rechargeable via micro USB type B connector
• Charging time: 6 hours
• Waterproof rating: IPX4 (weatherproof)
• Certification: CE
• Reactive Lighting max. burn time (lumens/distance/duration): 100 lm/35 m /10-50 hrs
• Reactive Lighting standard (lumen/distance/duration): 300 lm/55 m/5 to 40 hrs
• Reactive Lighting max. power (lumen/distance/duration): 900 lm/150 m/2 to 30 hrs
• Standard Lighting max. power (lumens/distance/duration): 10 lm/12 m/100 hrs
• Standard Lighting Standard (lumen/distance/duration): 200 lm/55 m/5 hrs
• Standard max. Power (lumen/distance/duration): 550 lm/110 m/2 hrs
• Backup light: 2 hrs (10-15 lumens)

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Petzl Swift RL 900 Headlamp Orange

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Product attributes:

Luminance:900 Lumen
Original Colour:Orange
Weight:100 Grams/pce.