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TIEFSCHNEETAGE TESTED ITEM  Ortovox S1+ Tracker Beacon + Probe + Shovel + Bag  Tracker Set

Ortovox S1+ Tracker Beacon + Probe + Shovel + Bag Tracker Set

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TIEFSCHNEETAGE TESTED ITEM Ortovox S1+ Tracker Beacon + Probe + Shovel + Bag Tracker Set

Ortovox S1+ 3-Antenna Tracker Beacon
The new S1+ combines the success stories of two unique transceiver innovations: the display of the relative location of avalanche victims and the Smart-Antenna-Technology!

• Receive function: digital (sensor-controlled)
• No. Of antennas: 3
• Maximum range: up to 55 m
• Search strip width: up to 50 m
• Display of the relative position and distance to the victims: world's first 3-antenna avalanche transceiver to indicate relative position and distance to victims
• Reliable signal analysis and pinning function: 4 and more
• High-quality rubber sleeve: grip zones, soft touch
• Intuitive design: fold open = search; fold closed = transmit
• Transmission capacity: approx. 250h
• Dimensions: 120x80x30 mm
• Weight (incl. Battery and bag): approx. 230g
• Precise self-test: transmitter, receiver, battery status and sensor test
• Automatic switchover in case of a secondary avalanche: 60/120 sec
• Optimized power consumption: 2 Alkaline AAA Micro 1,5 V LR03
• Patented Smart-Antenna-TechnologyTM
• Bearing line and search direction arrow incl. 360° display
• Automatic location of the strongest transmission signal
• Intuitive circular display of the refined location
• Patented circular display and intuitive tendency indicator
• Distance and direction display
• Display backlight
vIntuitive display of multiple victims
• Intuitive search acoustics
• Microprocessor control
• Comfortable bag with elastic strap for device
• Hand loop
• Electronic monitoring and update-compatible
• Precise partner/group test;checks transmitter frequency, pulse duration and transmission period
• Permanent monitoring of the transmitter in transmission mode
• Professional mode for multiple burials (4+)
• Parallel search for multiple victims
• Special 'deep burial' mode
• Inclinometer
• Individual speaker configuration
• Display contrast setting
• Device personalization
• integrated Recco transmitterr
• Five-year warranty
• Online registration with additional information  


The Ortovox Alu 240cm PFA Probet avalanche probe

In emergency situations speed is of the essence. That’s why Ortovox made the 240cm-long aluminum probe even more efficient.

Weight: 310 g
Material: 7075 Aluminium T6



The best Ortovox Pro Alu Avalanche Shovel of all time. In this latest iteration of an ORTOVOX classic we’ve used the most innovative materials available and cutting edge production methods to achieve the best weight-to-rigidity ratio possible. Stabilization ribs and high sidewalls give the anodized blade rigidity, while the integrated shaft socket makes it easy to pack.

With the new quick-lock, the blade and the fluted telescoping shaft can be put together in one motion. The new T-Grip Pro is revolutionary. It can be inserted for both right and left-handers – and also facilitates economical clearing. One hand grasps the long grip side, which serves as an ergonomic lever, while the other hand has maximum hold on the shaft’s rubber-coated grip zone.

• Rubberized grip zone
• Groove-shaped handle cross section
• Pack-friendly
• Compatible with Pocket Spike
• 90° clearing function PRO ALU III
• Sharp, protected edge
• Rescue sled function
• Rapid locking without pressing a button
• T-grip pro with flexible left and right-handed function
• Telescoping handle
• Non-slip step grooves
• Weight: 770 g



Please note: This item has been tested for 1 or 2 days during our testival event. Therefore it may show slightest signs of usage. Apart from that it is fully functional. Warranty and conversion rights remain untouched.



Tested Item

Tiefschneetage Tested Item


Fair Wear
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