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Ortovox 105 Ultra Longsleeve Black Raven Women

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Product details: Ortovox 105 Ultra Longsleeve Black Raven Women

If you are looking for a functional shirt, Ortovox has the new 105 Merino Ultra for you. Although it is thinner, Nuyarn® has a higher thermal output. Nuyarn® thus improves the functionality of the merino wool and makes your functional shirt even more efficient and mountain experiences even more enjoyable.

The 105 Merino Ultra long sleeve shirt from Ortovox for ladies is so light that you will hardly believe that you are wearing almost pure merino wool on your skin. Thanks to a completely new manufacturing process, it has been possible to produce a light, yet stable and elastic fabric that has never been seen before, made mainly of merino wool.

The range of application of the long-sleeved shirt made of Tasmanian merino wool is wide: depending on the sporting intensity, it is suitable for mountaineering activities both in summer and winter. The first choice for functional underwear when low weight and high functionality count!

The products of the 105 Merino Ultra line have a material thickness of 105 g/m² and can therefore be used in a wide range of applications from summer to winter. The special feature of this line is the processing of Nuyarn yarn. Nuyarn® is the most exclusive yarn Ortovox has in its range.

The yarn construction makes wool even more efficient and functional. Nylon forms the core of Nuyarn.® The synthetic fibre made of polyamide is particularly tear-resistant, elastic and light. Merino wool is wrapped around the nylon core, creating a yarn structure that combines all the positive properties of synthetic fibre and merino wool.

• NUYARN® - Improves the functionality of merino wool*.
• Comfortable: 39% more volume with less weight
• Elastic: 35 % more elastic
• Resistant: 16% more stable
• Fast drying: 5x faster
• UPF 50+
• No odours: 85 % merino wool neutralises odours
• Natural product
• Sustainable production
• Tasmanian origin
• Ortovox Wool Promise (OWP)

105 Merino Ultra (105 Nuyarn®)
85% New Wool (Merino), 15% Polyamide

*Compare with conventional merino yarn.

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Original Colour:Black Raven
Categories:Cross-CountryOutdoorRunningSkiSnowboardSki Touring
Material:Synthetic FibreMerino
Sustainability:Fair WearWir Denken Um