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Product details: Ortovox First Aid Rock Doc Chalk Bag First Aid Kit Coral

On alpine tours, when every gram counts and you can only carry the essentials, there's one thing you absolutely cannot do without: a first aid kit. Ortovox developed the First Aid Rock Doc especially for these kind of alpine adventures. The Rock Doc is a combination of functional chalk bag and first aid kit especially for alpine climbers.

The large, sturdy opening allows unrestricted access to the chalk inside and can be securely closed using the cord. The soft inner material quickly and reliably provides the perfect amount of chalk. The elasticated side compartment offers room for an energy bar, and the zipper pocket is perfect for keeping your cellphone securely stowed away while close at hand.

The first aid compartment is easy to access and its contents have all been specially selected for climbing: From an emergency card, to sterile compresses, gauze bandages, conforming bandages, a set of adhesive bandages and an additional role of adhesive tape, to a pair of scissors and disposable vinyl gloves - everything is included.

The Ortovox First Aid Rock Doc Chalk Bag is the optimum companion for responsible climbers.


• Chalk bag with compact integrated first aid kit
• Quick access in an emergency
• Contents suited for climbing
• Stable, slightly sloped opening for unrestricted access to chalk
• Cord system to prevent loss of chalk
• Quick chalk access thanks to soft inner fabric
• Brush holder
• Elastic pocket for energy bars
• Zipper pocket for smartphone with key holder
• Emergency card


• 1 pair of vinyl disposable gloves
• Small scissors
• 1 x ctandard dressing
• 1 x adhesive plaster spool
• 5 x wound closure strips
• 1 x wound compress, sterile 10 x 10 cm
• 1 x elastic adhesive bandage
Plaster set consisting of:
• 4 x plaster strip 2.5 x 7.2 cm
• 2 x plaster strip 1.9 x 7.2 cm (strips of 5)
• 2 x fingertip dressing
• 2 x fin joint bandage


Weight: 185 g
Weight without first aid content: 95 g


Polyamide 210D

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Ortovox First Aid Rock Doc Chalk Bag First Aid Kit Coral

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