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Product details: Nordica Strider 120 DYN Ski Boots Blue / Orange Men

With a thirst for exploring the entire mountain, Nordica’s Strider 120 DYN ski boot embraces the toughest terrain. Built around a versatile 100mm last, it sports an aggressive flex just slightly more forgiving than the Strider Pro 130 DYN.

Its alpine hike mechanism affords a generous 46° range of motion to ensure you can venture uphill with ease. Yet the boot truly shines when the mechanism is locked-out in ski mode, allowing its fully intact spine to provide exceptional power and response for the descent. For a personalized fit, its lightweight shell and liner can be fully customized.

Primaloft insulation keeps feet warm and dry. And for additional versatility, the boot features Dynafit inserts and soles that sport a unique Michelin tread that maximizes traction, durability, and performance. Whether traveling uphill or down, the Nordica Strider 120 DYN ski boot gives you the performance you need to go wherever your heart desires.

• Liner: Laced 3D Cork Fit Primaloft® Lite
• Infrared
• Tri-Fit Technology
• Dynafit Gripwalk® soles
• Hike Funktion
• 45mm Velcro
• Tri Force Construction

Walk Mechanism
• The super-light carbon construction reduces the weight while not having a negative impact on robustness or power transmission
• After blocking, the ski boot transmits the power directly onto the ski, for Nordica´s renowned performance
• If it´s open, an excellent forward flex is possible, making it easy to walk

Dynafit® Inlays
• Standard in all Strider models
• Compatible with the super light Dynafit Tour bindings

Lightweight Shaft and Tri-Force Construction
• Three different synthetics are married in order to guarantee comfort, performance and easy handling on the highest level imaginable
• The Triax shaft is 20 % lighter than regular PU versions
• The sole and the extremely stiff tail element make for direct power transmission to the ski
• Shell and shaft are softer and comfortably enclose foot and calf for a smooth and precise fit
• Super soft edges make for easy in, easy out
• A Strider model in size 26 1/2 (305 mm) is about 200 g lighter than the respective Speedmachine model

Superlight Buckles
• Each buckle only weighs 40 g in comparison to regular buckles
• The brand-new metal wire element reduces the weight, but the boot can nevertheless be locked in a stable and precise way

Moisture Sealing
Repels cold and moisture and keeps the feet warm and dry.

Michelin® Rubber Technical Soles
Crafting a Hike&Ski boot, which would be as high-performance as a Nordica ski boot, wasn´t easy: this is why Nordica invited [email protected] to plan, develop and manufacture a revolutionary sole for the Strider ski boots series. The result is a homogeneous system consisting of the toes, arch of the foot and heel which leads to great grip and traction on snow, ice and almost any obstacles that you can encounter while ski touring in the mountains.

Michelin® Rubber Technical Soles Benefits
• Beveled edges reduce the regular wearing process
• Distinct naps improve the grip
• The central bridging element reinforces the naps
• Naps beyond the arch of the foot provide stability and control on uneven surfaces
• Distinct naps at the exterior edge provide great lateral stability
• Multi-dimensional naps advantage braking


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Schuhsystem:Grip Walk Schuhsystem
Alpine Category:AllmountainFreeride / TourOn-Pist
Pin Bindings:Yes
Shoe Category:Alpine Ski BootSki Touring Boot
Original Colour:Blue / Orange
Weight:1900 Gramm/Stk.
Nachhaltigkeit:Wir Denken Um