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Product details: Nordica Speedmachine J3 Ski Boots Black / Red Kids

With an emphasis on fun and progression, the Nordica Speedmachine J3 kids´ ski boot fosters a love for skiing. Thanks to the weight adjustment switch, the boot’s flex can readily be customized, providing young skiers with the perfect amount of support.

By positioning them in a neutral stance, the Speedmachine J3 enhances stability and accelerates progression. And for additional support, it features a third buckle. Easy to put on and easy to take off, the boot also sports a plush liner that maximizes warmth and comfort. Great days—and a passion for skiing—begin with the Speedmachine J3.

• Liner: Comfort Fit
• Full alu buckles
• Easy entry soft flap
• Weight adjustment

Infrared Technology
The key to customize a ski boot doesn´t lie in being capable of changing the natural shape of a ski boot shell rather than in being able to develop a ski boot, which is easily and effectively customizable. This is also the case for all the crucial areas which do not only contribute to the boots´ fit, but also improve the performance and carrying comfort. Based on this thinking, Nordica developed its infrared heating element and the Tri-Force shell. Nordica saw the necessity to come up with a certain shoe design and customization technology which – as a team – allow a perfect individualization and only modify the boot where it´s really necessary. Thus, Nordica developed a system which is very accurate and easy to operate, saves time and erases mistakes. The infrared heating lamp is the key, because it quickly warms up the boot´s plastic from the inside to the outside with just the right temperature. This protects the boot from damages caused by the heating element and allows a permanent, individual shape.

Infrared Technology Benefits
• Quick & easy
• Infrared-heating = no weariness of the boot´s components
• Customization where it´s needed

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Schuhsystem:Grip Walk Schuhsystem
Reference Size:24.5
Shoe Category:Alpine Ski Boot
Alpine Category:AllmountainOn-Pist
Weight:1060 g/unit
Original Colour:Black / Red
Nachhaltigkeit:Wir Denken Um