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Product details: Movement Axess 90 W Women 20/21

The Movement Axess 90 Tourenski für Damen is part of a new ski concept benefiting from an ultra-modern geometry. Movement sought to give this family more amplitude in its use by working on a new type of spatula shape, whose function is to make the ski even faster in deep or springtime snow while keeping an impressive grip on difficult terrains.

The lightweight 2-axis carbon technology implanted in this line allows to maintain an increased versatility in high mountains, where Movement can easily meet all kinds of conditions related to sudden changes of temperature.


Waiste - Length sidecut:

154 cm = 120|90|109

161 cm = 122|90|111

169 cm = 127|92|116



Wood Core
Movement only use wood cores that are certified FCS and PEFC (, Every core is chosen to match the type of ski being produced.

Movement bases are top quality sintered bases with high molecular density. Movement use 3 different P-Tex bases throughout the range which are carefully chosen to match the individual ski. 

Carbon Fiber
A new technology specifically developed for the ski touring range. A ski and its performance are characterized by weight and skiability. Movement have worked on the carbon filament as well as the fiberglass which surround the wood core. The main purpose is to find the perfect angle to optimize the ski performance. 2 carbon axes: This reduces weight and increases performance in difficult snow conditions. Partial torsion-resistant and perfect comfort in general.

Double Titanal Plate
Two titanium plates are completely integrated (on the upper and lower part of the ski) in the wood core construction in order to guarantee stability and performance
when skiing.

VA-Tech Vibration Absorber
A natural rubber layer which incorporates fiberglass is placed in the front of the skis to absorb vibrations.

Product attributes:


90 mm


14.5 m


122-90-111 mm

Reference Length 161 cm

Rocker Type tipntailrockerTip & Tail Rocker
Ski Touring Category
  • Allround
  • Uphill Performance
  • Race
  • Freeride / Tour
1290 Gramm/Stk.(Reference Length 161 Zentimeter)
Binding System:Free Choice