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Product details: Movement Alp Tracks 95 LTD 21/22

Movement skis always wanted to be different and the Alp Tracks range is part of a challenge that was put in place a few seasons ago. 

These exceptional Movement Alp Tracks 95 LTD will only surprise you with their performance and reliability. The premium Alp Tracks line has been entirely redesigned with the introduction of a new exclusive carbon complex that guarantees even greater skiability with new levels of weight never been reached. This ski, manufactured largely manually and handcrafted, is one of the most sought-after skis on the market.

The program is homogeneous and will satisfy the most demanding skiers seeking excellence above all in high mountain skiing.


• Wood core ultra light karuba selection
• Vibration absorber tech
• Full carbon
• P-TEX 5000 base
• Titanal double plate reinforcement
• Touring edge



Karuba Wood Core
Movement only use wood cores that are certified FCS and PEFC (www.fcs.org, www.pefc.org). Every core is chosen to match the type of ski being produced.

Base P-TEX 5000
Movement bases are top quality sintered bases with high molecular density. Movement use 3 different P-Tex bases throughout the range which are carefully chosen to
match the individual ski. 

Carbon Fiber
100?rbon: In complement to the combination of a mix of five high density carbon fibers axes on the ALP TRACKS range, a 100% unidirectional carbon laminate is put on the upper part and lower part of the ski. With this construction the torsion locking system of the ski is optimal and guarantees an exceptional
glide in the turn and perfect grip even in very hard snow conditions, something few skis have achieved. There is also a significant reduction in weight.

Double Titanal Plate
Two titanium plates are completely integrated (on the upper and lower part of the ski) in the wood core construction in order to guarantee stability and performance when skiing.

VA-Tech Vibration Absorber
A natural rubber layer which incorporates fiberglass is placed in the front of the skis to absorb vibrations.

ABS Shock Absorber
The ASA system (ABS shock absorber) is situated in the underfoot area of the ski to act as a shock absorber.

Hand Made
The Alp Tracks ski range has a handmade construction. Great care has been taken to optimize these skis. The carbon fiber on the lower and upper part of the ski respects the specifically developed parameters needed to optimize performance. This construction is only possible for an exclusive and limited series.

Product attributes:


95 mm


18.5 m


132-95-116 mm

Reference Length 177 cm

Rocker Type tiprockerTip Rocker
Ski Touring Category
  • Allround
  • Uphill Performance
  • Race
  • Freeride / Tour
1231 Gramm/Stk.(Reference Length 177 Zentimeter)
Binding System:Free Choice