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Kohla Multifit Vacuum Mohair Mix 170cmx135mm Splitboard Climbing Skins

Item number: 79405402
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Product details: Kohla Multifit Vacuum Mohair Mix 170cmx135mm Splitboard Climbing Skins

The prefabricated skin strip in the tip area, featuring Cobra absorption and an asymmetric cut, is ideally adjustable and length-variable. The included multi clip kit of Kohla´s splitboard skins can be mounted to a maximum length of 179cm.

The mounting and adjustment of the multi clip system in the board´s tail is eased due to markings on the respective spots. The new Vacuum Base version is, alongside the proven Hot-Melt technology, perfect for all splitboards and can be individually designed or assembled by any user.

• Stable undercoating, glue- & silicone free
• Easy care & almost wear-free undercoating
• Easily removable if one side of grip lies on the other
• Range of use: up to -25°C
• Mix mohair: 65%mohair / 35% synthetics
• 4-layer-construction
• Great gliding
• Water-repellent fluorcarbon-impregnation
• resolvent-free coating
• Cotton-polyester mixture in the back
• synthetics from high-end materials
• Front lever made of stainless steel
• Multi clip system

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Product attributes:

Type of Skin:Mix Nylon / Mo
Trim to Fit Skin:Yes
Tip Width:135 Millimeter
Scope of Delivery:1 Pair
Sustainability:Wir Denken Um