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Product details: Kang Bamboo Pole Blue Shaft / Grey Handle / Blue Strap

Kang bamboo poles are a real piece of art; every pole is truly unique. When the bamboo is harvested it is first left to dry, then heat treated before transported to Europe where each pole goes through testing to make sure it fits our high standards. The end result is a beautiful pole that we think will endure almost any use.

The Kang grip is developed to create a sporty contrast to the overall Kang design. The strap can be tightened with one hand (without taking your gloves off in the blistering cold) and the non-slip surface and unique ergonomics makes it perfect for both freeriding and hiking.

The knob and strap are designed to secure your hand so that you can use the pole without holding tight, which might come in handy when you want to open a pocket or do a tail grab. Also, the strap is very thin so if you don’t want to use it when going down, you can just grab around it. An extra feature is that the top of the pole is perfect for adjusting the heel lifter of your touring bindings so that you don’t have to reach down on that steep, slightly scary part.

The basket is designed to work well both in deep snow and on harder surfaces. It is slightly softer than many other baskets, making it smoother when you go on hard surfaces or traverse steep passages. It is 95 mm in diameter and can easily be changed if you want to replace it with a new one, perhaps one with a different color.

The tip is made of recyclable aluminium and ends with stainless steel which even endures hiking on rocks and gives a superior grip on virtually all surfaces.


• Shaft made of 100% organic bamboo, twice as strong as aluminium
• 16 to 18 mm diameter
• Weight 560 g
• Easy adjustable strap, no buckle
• Powder basket 95 mm diameter


Tip: recyclable aluminium
Shaft: 100 % organic bamboo

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Kang Bamboo Pole Blue Shaft / Grey Handle / Blue Strap

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Product attributes:

Original Colour:Blue Shaft / Grey Handle / Blue Strap
Poles Material:Bamboo
Sustainability:Renewable Resources