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Kästle XA10 Skate Medium + Performance Skate + KA 100 21/22 Skating Ski Set (Ski + Binding + Pole)

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Product details: Kästle XA10 Skate Medium + Performance Skate + KA 100 21/22 Skating Ski Set (Ski + Binding + Pole)

XA 10 Skate Medum
The forgiving XA10 has a wider sidecut for greater comfort. A lightweight wood core combined with HOLLOWTECH 2.0 keeps the weight down and create a perfectly balanced ski. The models in the XA line have easy-care bases so they are ideal for beginners or occasional cross-country skiers who stick to prepared tracks.


Being world class requires especially one thing: world class equipment. At the start of this millennium Kästle's HOLLOWTECH technology triggered a revolution in alpine skis. The company pursues this same consistent approach in the nordic sector. Removing the unnecessary layers at the tip of the ski makes the tip and therefore the entire ski lighter. This creates a substantially more balanced ski and reduces the rotational force during forward propulsion. In turn, this requires less energy from the athlete and helps them get to the finish quicker.


All of our cross-country skis feature a carbon-reinforced CAP construction where the surface layer runs over the sides, effectively protecting the core. Each Kästle nordic ski is thus impeccably designed for its designated application.


For our more robust models we use European poplar for the core. It ensures optimum torsional and flexural rigidity at minimal weight.


Ski Length Recommendation:
Relevant for the suitable ski length is the skier’s body weight! If there are two lengths available, beginners should choose the shorter version, advanced the longer one.

173 cm = 41-55 kg
180 cm = 55-65 kg
187 cm = 65-75kg
194 cm = > 76 kg


Performance Skate Binding
The PERFORMANCE SKATE binding has been developed for runners for whom the joy of cross-country skiing is a top priority. Slightly wider in construction, it offers better stability and balance and is easy to use even with cold fingers thanks to the simple lock. Despite its low weight, it promises very good transmission of power and high safety. The front and rear jaws can be easily moved and thus individually adjusted to the runner.


XA100 Pole
The KA100 is made from durable aluminium and is ideal for beginner to intermediate cross-country skiers. The anatomically shaped Soft Grip handle is comfortable to use, and the adjustable straps create a secure fit that supports the pole’s swing action.

Attention: You can not choose the length, but there is always a fixed pole length for a fixed ski length.

Ski length 173 cm = 145 cm pole length
Ski length 180 cm = 150 cm pole length
Ski length 187 cm = 155 cm pole length
Ski length 194 cm = 160 cm pole length

Product attributes:

Temperature Range:Universal
Cross Country Standard:NIS 1.0