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Product details: Kästle TX 82 19/20

The innovative carbon construction with EARLY RISE technology and Hollowtech 2.0 make the Kästle TX82 the liveliest touring ski in the KÄSTLE line, with unbeatable downhill performance at minimal weight.

This is a lightweight ski for relaxed ascents and a lively, high-performance downhill experience. Ideal for changeable conditions – throughout the day or throughout the entire ski season.


The TX models are some of the lightest touring skis on the market. Freeride-inspired sidecuts are teamed with an ultra-light and stable carbon construction. These lightweight touring skis with unbeatable downhill performance enhance the touring experience with smooth, relaxed ascents and playful descents.


• Semi-Cap Sandwichsidewall-Construktion
• 3 Ax Carbon-Fiberglass
• Fiberglass Wound Core
• Karuba Woodcore


 • Elliptical Radius
 • Standard Camber
 • Hook Free Shovel
 • Hook Free Tail
 • Early Rise (Tip 260)


Each model is designed to have its own carving characteristics, which is based on the ski’s intended application, by adjusting the radius along the waist of the ski. The shape of the elliptical Radius determines how quickly and aggressively the ski enters and exits a turn.


Kästle build the skis with classic camber and distinguish between standard camber and low camber: With STANDARD CAMBER, the ski center is clearly elevated and the contact points to the snow are far forward and back. The effective edge is longer and the ski initiates turns more quickly and precisely. With LOW CAMBER, the ski center is slightly elevated and the contact points are moved toward
the ski center. The effective edge is consequentially less, and the ski is more playful and forgiving.


The HOOK FREE SHOVEL is a longer shovel that is often combined with Early or Progressive Rise. With this design the contact point to the snow is moved toward the center of the ski, thus ensuring a more forgiving and playful performance.


The HOOK FREE TAIL is often combined with Dual Rise and a longer tail, with the contact point being moved toward the center of the ski. The result is a forgiving, playful performance when exiting a turn.


EARLY RISE improves float and enables easy handling for on-piste and all-mountain conditions.


The patented, key technology is unique within the ski industry. By removing unnecessary layers at the front of the ski Kästle make the shovel lighter. This results in several advantages: Oscillation recovery is up to 30 % faster, the ski is damper, edge-grip is more powerful, turn initiations are more precise, and overall weight is reduced. The new version 3.0 of the HOLLOWTECH technology has been revolutionized: It is now even lighter and features exclusively in the FX and PX ranges.
HOLLOWTECH 3.0 is created in two layers. A new outer ring cuts out even more materials to save more weight. The size of the HOLLOWTECH is precisely matched to the shovel of each particular model – for performance that’s unbeatable!

Product attributes:


82 mm


15 m


119-82-107 mm

Reference Length 164 cm

Rocker Type tiprockerTip Rocker
Ski Touring Category
  • Allround
  • Uphill Performance
  • Race
  • Freeride / Tour
1200 Gramm/Stk.(Reference Length 164 Zentimeter)
Binding System:Free Choice