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K2 Mindbender 99 TI + Fritschi Tecton Bindings incl. Stoppers 20/21

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Product details: K2 Mindbender 99 TI + Fritschi Tecton Bindings incl. Stoppers 20/21

Quick edge-to-edge? Check. Absurd float in pow? Oh you bet. You might be surprised to hear that the K2 Mindbender 99Ti only clocks in at 99 underfoot – it definitely hits above it’s weight.

Toss in that titanial Y-Beam™ and you’ll be wondering where the speed limit on this thing really is. West Coast, East Coast – it doesn’t matter. It’s the kind of ski you drop in the back of your car, and take with you wherever you go.


K2 Mindbender Collection
K2 has always set out to make skis that are fun. A shared passion for the sport as a foundation and working together with athletes from around the world. With the Mindbender collection K2 pushing freeride skiing in a whole new direction, forcing themselves to bend their minds around new ideas, creating new perspectives. 
K2 call it Psychedelic Research – because those powder days create this ecstatic state of mind which is reflected in their products. Ti Y-Beam and Carbon Spectral Braid are the new torsion control tech solutions and the design speaks for itself.


• Rocker: All Terrain Rocker
• Core: Maple/Aspen
• Ti Y-Beam
• Power Wall



Ti Y-Beam

K2’s Ti Y-Beam delivers precision in the forebody of the ski, power under foot and stability in the tail, all while maintaining the maneuverability and drift control needed for freeride ripping. Precision cut titanal in a ‘Y’ shape alters the torsional stiffness of the ski while maintaining a balanced, even flex pattern that delivers power in a controlled manner throughout the length of the ski.



PowerWall technology makes the transmission of energy from skier to ski edge direct and precise thanks to laminated sidewalls that extend into the heart of the ski.



+ Fritschi Tecton Binding

The novelty Fritschi Tecton 12 is a light-weight alpine offering the greatest possible safety in addition to an easy, ergonomic climbing technique and precise and agile control to ski downhill.

All parts are manufactured in Switzerland and assembled into high-quality products in Reichenbach. After the assembly, every binding undergoes a meticulous quality control process, including a functional test.


• Power transmission in three dimensions - Easy and precise ski control, even with wider skis
In the back, where the forces are highest, the Tecton remains as stable and precise as an alpine bind-ing. The hold-down system with a non-turning alpine heel jaw and the power rail transmits the power directly from the boot to the ski without any loss.

• Hold-down system with alpine heel - Direct contact boot-binding-ski
The heel jaw is pressing the sole of the boot firmly against the heel plate, which is directly con-nected with the ski, and provides consistent direct traction.

• Alpine heel with Power Rail - The boot remains fixed
As an absolute novelty, the power rail engages in the back of the boot, secures it in the center and prevents a loss of power.

• Solid, non-turning heel - Heel unit remains laterally stable
Unlike other pin bindings, the power flow is not in-terrupted by a rotating movement when the skis turn.

• Safety through and through - Minimizing the risk of injury
The Tecton equals both the performance and the safety of alpine bindings. Any unwanted release is prevented by the high elasticity. The binding reliably releases at the DIN setting.

• Lateral release with DIN-setting at the toe - In front, same as in alpine bindings
The pin binding with lateral release and DIN set-ting at the toe, where the lateral forces are acting in the event of a fall.

• Elasticity of 13 mm - Releasing only if necessary
The highest elasticity of 13 mm prevents an un-wanted release and cushions any lateral impact so that the ski always maintains a firm grip.

• Front release at the heel with 9 mm elasticity Front release with dynamic response
As in alpine bindings, when the DIN value is set, the front release occurs via a heel jaw with a dy-namic way of 9 mm. The reset force of the spring prevents a pre-release and compensates the high tensile forces on the leg in a forward fall.

DIN: 5-12

Product attributes:


99 mm


15 m


138-99-123 mm

Reference Length 170 cm

Rocker Type tipntailrockerTip & Tail Rocker
Binding System:Binding and Mounting included