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Product details: K2 JD Reckoner 102 20/21

From deep pow to the park and everywhere in between, K2 Reckoner 102 heeds the call. So whether your whipping cork threes off of cat tracks or pivoting through tight east coast trees, the Reckoner 102 will treat you right. Mash, bash, and float. Jump, bounce, and charge. It’s the ski you need. Like, actually need.      


• All Terrain Twin Rocker
• Fir/Aspen Double Barrel
• Spectral Braid
• Carbon Boost
• TwinTech Sidewalls



• All-Terrain Twin Rocker - All-Terrain Twin Rocker is a gradual, extended rise in the tip andtail for added versatility and control in all conditions with twin tip skis.    

• Fir - Energetic, tough, dense wood that absorbsimpact.

• Aspen - Lightweight and resilient, great all aroundmaterial. Double Barrel - Dense, fir core over the edges for power and impact resistance and lighter aspen center corefor lively, energetic feel.    

• Spectral Braid - Similar to what is found in our Mindbender collection - K2’s Spectral Braid makes anotherappearance in the ALL NEW Reckoner collection with some slight adjustments. This time, thetighter angles are found underfoot instead of in the tip of the ski. More open angles are found inBOTH the tip and tail allowing for more playfulness throughout the ski while still allowing for theski to be both reliable and energetic.    

• Carbon Boost Braid - Longitudinal Carbon Stringers woven into the patented Triaxial Braid for added pop andrebound.            

• Twintech - A Durable, Full sidewall construction providing great edge feel and performance with added topsheet resistant to ski vs. ski impact damage.     


Product attributes:


102 mm


17.6 m


134-102-127 mm

Reference Length 177 cm

Rocker Type tipntailrockerTip & Tail Rocker
Ski Category:TelemarkskisFreestyle SkisBig Mountain / Powder SkisAll Mountain Skis
Binding System:Free Choice