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Fritschi Vipec EVO 12 inkl. 110mm Stopper  Alpine Touring Bindings

Fritschi Vipec EVO 12 inkl. 110mm Stopper Alpine Touring Bindings

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Fritschi Vipec EVO 12 inkl. 110mm Stopper Alpine Touring Bindings

The novelty Fritschi Evo 12 is a light-weight tec binding offering the greatest possible safety in addition to an easy, ergonomic climbing technique and precise and agile control to ski downhill.


All parts are manufactured in Switzerland and assembled into high-quality products in Reichenbach. After the assembly, every binding undergoes a meticulous quality control process, including a functional test.

• Solid stop in front to step in - Easy step-in

The tip of the boot is optimally positioned by means of a solid stop in front and a positioning guide. Responding to slight pressure, the system closes with the pin levers engaging precisely in the inserts.
The sequence of movements is comparable with that of an alpine binding.

• Lateral release with DIN-setting at the toe - In front, same as in alpine bindings
The pin-binding with lateral release and DIN set-ting at the toe, where the lateral forces are acting in the event of a fall.

• Elasticity of 13 mm - Releasing only if necessary
The highest elasticity of 13 mm prevents an un-wanted release and cushions any lateral impact so that the ski always maintains a firm grip.

• Release Lever - Immediate release of the boot with front release
After the release of the heel, the boot tips for-ward. Due to the pressure of the front of the boot on the Release Lever, the boot is also immedi-ately released by the toe unit.

• Emergency release when climbing - Solid support while climbing and safety in an emergency
The boot is fixed and held in the middle, but the binding will release in response to high active forces.
Clamping systems must be blocked while climb-ing to ensure stability.

• Complete easy handling package - Safety in any terrain and in all conditions
Switching from downhill to uphill mode and vice versa is very simple without having to step out of the binding. The three ergonomically walk mode levels can also be changed in no time with a pole.
No other pin binding offers this level of comfort in all functions.

• Solid, non-turning heel - Precise and safe control of skis
The heel unit always remains laterally stable.
Unlike other pin bindings, the power flow is not in-terrupted by a rotating movement when the skis turn.


Please note: Stoppers fit skis with a waist up to 110mm.





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