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Product details: Firefly Sup Paddle Alu Combi III Stand Up Paddle Accessories Blue

Discover the Firefly SUP Paddle Alu Combi III, a versatile stand up paddle accessory that gives you the freedom to choose between a stand up paddle and a double paddle. With the bamboo print on the blade, this paddle is not only a reliable companion on the water, but also a stylish accessory.

The 4-piece adjustable length stand-up paddle allows you to adjust the length to suit your needs and create a personalised paddling experience. Whether you want to glide through calm waters or venture into faster waters, this paddle is flexible enough to suit your needs.

For even more versatility, the Firefly SUP Paddle Alu Combi III stand up paddle accessory has an extra blade that allows it to be used as a double paddle for kayaking. This allows you to extend your adventures on the water and explore new waters.

The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, while the paddle's buoyancy ensures it won't get lost if you fall. Maximum control and comfort with every stroke.


• Single paddle: 160 - 205 cm
• Double paddle: 217 cm
• Paddle blade width: 18 cm
• Surface area: 600 cm2


Shaft: aluminium
Blade: polyamide

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Firefly Sup Paddle Alu Combi III Stand Up Paddle Accessories Blue

Item number: 49104307
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Original Colour:Blue
Weight:1120 Grams/pce.