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Firefly iSUP 300 Com Set Stand Up Paddle Board

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Product details: Firefly iSUP 300 Com Set Stand Up Paddle Board

The iSUP 300 Com from Firefly is an inflatable all-round stand up paddle board with an especially small packing size. 

Thanks to its compact design, it is 40 % smaller. The set includes a compact aluminium stretch paddle, a compact double lift pump, removable Smartfin, as well as a fixation for kayak seat and dry bags. An elastic luggage net, a leash and a rope eye are also part of the equipment. 

The set is transported in a backpack with backpack straps. Thanks to these you can carry your Stand Up Paddle Board comfortably to the shore. Now all you have to do is pump up - and start your adventure.


• 40 % smaller pack size due to compact design
• Elastic luggage net
• Smartfin from polyamide
• Optimum pressure: 15 PSI / 1,034 Bar
• Dimensions: 305 x 81 x 15 cm
• Load capacity: 130 kg


Specs Board:
Length: 305 cm
Width: 81 cm
Thickness: 15 cm
Weight: 12,50 kg

Specs Paddle:
Material shaft: aluminum
Material blade: nylon
Length: 160 - 205 cm
Weight: 900 g
4-piece, compact paddle
Bamboo print on the blade
Anti twist shaft


Included in delivery:
Stand Up Paddle Board, compact stretch paddle, compact double lift pump, fixation for kayak seat and dry bags, smartfin, luggage net, packsack, leash, repair kit 

Product attributes: