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Fidlock Vacuum Car Ventilation Base Travel- & Camping Accessories Schwarz

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Product details: Fidlock Vacuum Car Ventilation Base Travel- & Camping Accessories Schwarz

The Vacuum Fidlock Car Ventilation Base is a vacuum magnetic smartphone holder for car ventilation grilles.

In addition to the magnetic suction cup with operating lever, the Vacuum car vent base consists of a ball head and claws that are clamped into the car's ventilation panels. This connection is securely fixed with a locking ring. The smartphone is thus quickly and easily attached to the dashboard of the car and is the perfect navigator on the road.

The Vacuum phone mount uses a unique combination of a suction cup element and magnets to securely attach phones to your bike, but also to the car’s dashboard or the desk.  

The phone is easily positioned and connected to the mount through the magnetic guidance and the Vacuum force keeps it securely locked. In case of a strong impact, the hold is additionally secured by the Vacuum pressure created by the suction cup. 

The centering of the smartphone is ensured by the magnetic force - thus the suction power is always guaranteed. The smartphone is released by simply pressing a lever on the side of the phone base.

Thanks to the ingeniously simple combination of magnetic force and Vacuum pressure, the smartphone can be operated with one hand and is 360° rotatable, while a ratchet prevents it from rotating during the riding - even on rough trails!

The phone mounting system consist of a base (available for various applications) and a special, ultra-thin smartphone case with an embedded geometry.

The advantages in a nutshell:
• For the installation to the car’s ventilation panels
• No interference with electronics 
• Fits all Vacuum smartphone cases 

Extent of delivery
- Vacuum car vent base
- Delivery without Vacuum case

Product attributes:

Original Colour:Schwarz