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Faction Prodigy 0.0 Jr 21/22 Skis Kids

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Product details: Faction Prodigy 0.0 Jr 21/22 Skis Kids

Freeski-loving groms will love the Faction Prodigy 0.0 JR for its mix of sleek black topsheet overlaid with eye-popping colors; for its light Polyfly core; and for its Surf Zones which enable a hook-free ride, so they’ll spend less time with their ass in the snow and more time charging turns.



• Polyfly-Core
• Directional Twin-Tip
• Elliptic Radius Sidecut
• XL 2.5mm Edge
• Surf Zones
• Anti-Chip Micro-Cap
• Glossy High Resistance Top Sheet


Mounting Point Information by Faction:
“For our 21|22 collection, we are introducing a new mounting point system on all our skis, which has three recommended mounting spots: Newschool, Progressive and Classic, all of which are separated by 15 mm. However, we only have one marked on each ski. The Newschool mount (30 mm forward) is designed for people that want a playful ski, for twin tip inspired riding. The Progressive mount (15 mm forward) is great for versatility, carving and slashing - people that want a more balanced ski but don’t want too forward of a mount. The Classic mount (marked) is designed to offer optimal carving ability and float in deep snow, giving you the most tip length of any mount.

On all of our skis except for the Candide series, we only mark the Classic mount - if you prefer to mount at the Progressive or Newschool points, you will need to measure an additional 15 mm (Progressive) or 30 mm (Newschool) from the marked mounting line.

Conversely, on the Candide series, we only mark the Newschool mount - if you would like to mount it at the Progressive or Classic point, you will need to measure 15 mm back (Progressive) or 30 mm back (Classic) from the marked line

Ultimately, the mounting position of your skis comes down to personal preference and your style of skiing. Some chose to mount the skis further to the front or back of the ski depending on what they want to focus on.

We do not recommend mounting your skis at true center as it has more disadvantages than advantages, even if you only ski park, as it will put you too far ahead of the sidecut of the ski, and negatively impact performance.” (Faction, Autumn 2021)

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Product attributes:


78 mm


8 m


112-80-104 mm

Reference Length 123 cm

Rocker Type tipntailrockerTip & Tail Rocker
Sustainability:Made In EUWir Denken Um
Binding System:Free Choice
Weight:1100 Gramm/Stk.
Ski Touring Category:Allround
Ski Category:TelemarkskisAll Mountain SkisFreestyle Skis