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Doghammer Gamsbleame Kork Wollfilz Sandals Indigoblue Men

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Product details: Doghammer Gamsbleame Kork Wollfilz Sandals Indigoblue Men

The wide range of use of the Doghammer Gamsbleame shouldn't be underestimated. The upper layer, which is made from cork, in combination with the multiple-layer damping makes those sandals fit perfectly.

The damping consists of a cork-rubber sole, an EVA layer, an additional heel damping and the upper material cork. The high grip sole is completely made in germany and consists of rubber and cork. The cork percentage reduces weight and the used amount of plastic.

The slightly wider strap consists of an outer fabric - felt, cork or leather, a reinforcement and the denim lining. This combination prevents that the strap expands over time and makes the shoe's fit even better. The toe bar is made from a super comfortable microfibre-, wool-fabric that adapts the shape of your toes over time.

Become a part of the revolution and bequeath a sustainable footprint with Doghammer shoes.



• multiple-layer damping for highest walking comfort
• Outdoor sole - Made in Germany
• wide strap made from felt, cork or leather keeps it's shape
• shapeable toe bar
• Weight: 220g at Size 43



Strap: Wool-felt, Wool, Cotton, Polyester
Footbed: Cork
Damping: EVA
Sole: Rubber, Cork


Size chart Doghammer Sandals:  

Size EU Size UK Sole length in cm
36 3,5 23,9
37 4,5 24,6
38 5 25,2
39 5,5 25,9
40 6,5 26,5
41 7,5 27,1
42 8 27,8
43 9 28,5
44 9,5 29,3
45 10,5 30,0
46 11 30,6
47 12 31,3
48 13 31,9
49 13,5 32,7
50/51 14,5/15,5 33,8


Product attributes:

Original Colour:Indigoblue
Recommended Use:Sandals