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Dalbello Lupo T.I. Alpin Interchangeable Soles

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Product details: Dalbello Lupo T.I. Alpin Interchangeable Soles

The LUPO T.I. comes equipped with Alpine Touring Norm boot soles ( ISO 9523). This LUPO T.I. Heel/Toe kit contains interchangeable soles thet conform to the dimentions of ISO 5355 Alpine boot soles but is not certified ISO 5355 Alpine Boot Sole due to the inclusion of the metal components ( Tech insert, Dynafit Style) integrated into the toe and heel of the ski boot shell. The use of this Heel/Toe Kit of the LUPO T.I. has been tested with bindings rapresenting the full range of release kinematics on currently available ISO 9462 certified alpine bindings and provide acceptable release values versus ISO 5355 certified Alpine Boots.

DalBello warrants the dismantling and reassembly the soles up to a maximum to 5 times.
Following the provided instructions:

- Use only a manual screw driver to screw and unscrew the kit.
- Unscrew the screws and change them if necessary.
- Put on the new heel / toe
- Re-screw the new kit until you feel firm resistance from the screw.
- DalBello recommends consulting a DalBello authorized dealer after you install the new heel/toe kit and check the ski-binding-boot system before the start of every season, every 15/20 skiing days and after any change of the walk sole.


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