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Product details: Capita The Navigator Snowboard 20/21

Riding powder is like hiking into a backcountry camping trip. Once you’re past the trailhead, if you have the right gear, there’s nothing better. If you have the wrong stuff, there’s nothing worse.

The Capita Navigator is your fire starter; it is your compass that never fails. It is essential to the experience. For 2020, this powder annihilating series features modified tip and tail shapes for a more classic and refined approach.

Retaining a parabolic sidecut and sinking tapered tail to swim through the soft stuff, the wide-frame rockered nose naturally floats above deep snow. The resulting shape transforms tiring powder days into emotionally fulfilling, epic level experiences.


Camber: Alpine V1 Profile
The Alpine V1 Profile design features mid-body camber with a flat tail and a reverse cambered nose. This allows for tons of pop and stability on hard pack while increasing float and landing power, improving the rider’s performance in deep snow. The camber runs longer in the tail—providing extra power for the ascent or for larger riders drawn to a dedicated wide series.


FSC Certified Dual Core
Poppy lightweight Poplar core combined with Beech for increased power and durability.


Quantum Drive Base
Harder, stronger, faster, the Quantum Drive base is an updated sintered ultra-high molecular weight, ultra-high density polyethylene.

QD Carbon Fiber Beams
Increases power and response while remaining ultralight.

Special Blend Fiberglass + Magic Bean Resin
Custom weighted Biaxial top / Biaxial bottom = increased strength and durability. Impregnated with reformulated, high performance plant based Magic Bean Resin.


Flex: 5,5/10

Product attributes:

Type of Binding Plate:2x4
Mittelbreite Board:Normal
Rocker Type:Hybrid