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Blackroll Smoove Board Fitness Accessories Black / Green

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Product details: Blackroll Smoove Board Fitness Accessories Black / Green

Put an end to long periods of sitting or rigid standing: The Smoove Board by Blackroll is your anti-fatigue mat for long workdays and everyday life. It gets you out of your office chair and encourages you to take active standing breaks.

The targeted exercises on the soft, elastic standing mat relieve pressure on your body. This way you can avoid back pain and neck tension, improve your ability to concentrate, train your muscles and stimulate your cardiovascular system.

The small grooves of the Blackroll Smoove Board activate the soles of your feet, while you can use the larger curves at the front to stretch your calves. At the same time, the fascia tools provide you with massage, stretching and movement. Want to get your circulation going? Then use the edges to rock back and forth and keep moving.

By the way, you can also use the anti-fatigue mat wonderfully at your standing desk and enhance your ergonomic workspace.


• Improves posture and prevents pain
• Motivates to active standing
• Includes 1x Blackroll Twister, 1x Blackroll Ball 08 and 1x Blackroll Mini
• Consists of innovative SmartLite foam
• Odorless and easy to clean
• Material 100 % recyclable
• Weight: 1 kg
• Dimensions: 44 cm x 43 cm x 5,5 cm

Product attributes:

Original Colour:Black / Green