Bishop BMF/3 NTN incl. Stoppers Telemark Bindings

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Product details: Bishop BMF/3 NTN incl. Stoppers Telemark Bindings

Shining brightly over other designs, the Bishop BMF/3 NTN telemark binding is the mighty beacon, lighting the path for the rest to follow. The machined metals, refined lines, and splash of color, come together with the beauty of a ballerina and the force of a fighter jet.

Step into the BMF/3 and find your freeheel flow like never before.


NEW FOR 2021!
• Sweet new shiny colors? Boom.
• Improved heel lock system? Check. 
• Redesigned Knuckle spring to maximize telemark turn flow? Hell yes.
• Toe cage refinements and reinforcements
• Brake spring re-design for easier installation and smoother boot removal



• Intuitive "alpine style" step-in / step-out means no more bending over

• The Real Heel Feel: These bindings attach to the whole boot, from toe-to-heel, giving you more power than any other NTN tele binding and a more natural boot flex

• Ski Brakes included

• Softer Spring Kit gives you more customization with the option of a more supple, lighter knee drop while keeping all the Bishop lateral stability and edge power transfer

• NTN boot compatibility

• Spring tension is easily adjusted on the hill with the a turn of a screw

• One size fits all: NTN Boot Sole Lengths of 270 to 346mm

• This third generation binding has many refinements from the mountain town ski nerds. Over 10 components have been improved including Heel Locks, Toe Cage Covers, Brake Covers, and more!

• HD3 Switch Plate has an additional ski screw hole at the back for improved ski to binding hold


Weight: 1890 g (+ brakes add 170 g)


NOTE: This binding requires a heel with a shelf. For example, it does NOT work with older Crispi CXR and CXX boots.

Product attributes:

Telemark Category:Telemark Binding
Telemark Standard:NTN
Weight:945 Gramm/Stk.