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Product details: ATK RT 2.0 incl. Stoppers Alpine Touring Bindings Black / Gold

Lightness, high performance on snow and absolute reliability are the technical features that led ATK RT 2.0 to be one of the most appreciated Touring bindings on the market. Now, offered with Magneto Heel Flaps®.


Materials: Alu 7075, Stainless Steel, POM
Release: 5-10
Adjustment: 30 mm



Monolink 1.0
The ATK® R&D TEAM sourced a new aeronautical steel alloy that provides an extreme elastic modulus. Thanks to this special steel ATK were able to erase the half of the toe springs (from 4 to 2) and create a fix left arm, the so called MONOLINK® 1.0

• Weight reduction: 2,5 grams per toe part
• Stiffness increased: lower pressure on the locking system with higher performances.


Easy Entry System
This system is characterized by a new geometry of the toe part elements.

• Super easy and confident step in on the toe part, with any tech boot available on the market, even in case of worn out soles.


Calm Release System
The king of the ATK® patented systems! The CAM RELEASE SYSTEM® is fitted inside of the touring bindings heels in order to drive the boot step-in and vertical release in case of fall. A special CAM profile is pressed towards the heel pins by a pre-tensioned spring: when the step-in or a fall release occur, the pins are forced to go through the CAM profile which provides a precise resistance to the pin release, depending on the release value set on the binding.

• Provides the most stable downhill performances on the market with consistent reduction of boot torsion compared to any other tech heel part.
• Extremely precise release performance.
• Provides the softest heel step in of the industry.
• Small dimensions compared to performance and astonishing lightweight.


Magneto Heel Flaps
An ingenious as simple magnet system provides the handling and stabilization of the heel flaps.

• Extremely light and comfortable heel flaps system


Uphill Hardness Variator
This system is an exclusive privilege of the RT, R12 and FR14 families. A multi-position selector is placed in between the front lever and the toe piece base plate. By changing the selector setting, the uphill mode locking hardness variates by increasing the pressure on the locking mechanism.

• It compensates the boot toe insert wear and tear during the years.
• Provides a proper locking strength for each user (softer for lighter users, harder for strong ones).
• Reduces the pressures on the locking mechanism.



Please note: your stoppers size should be the next bigger one, depending on your skis´ waist (E.g.: waist 90mm -> 91mm stoppers).
The “size” selection refers to the stoppers' width.

Product attributes:

Original Colour:Black / Gold
Weight:290 g/unit
Stopperbreite(n) in mm::86/91/97
DIN Setting:10
Ski Touring Category:AllroundUphill Performance Focus