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Product details: ATK Haute Route 10 incl. Adjustment Plate & Leashes Alpine Touring Bindings Schwarz Weiß

The ATK Haute Route 10 alpine touring binding including adjustment plate and leashes combines very low weight with comfort and is suitable for experienced skiers.

ATK Haute Route 10 is for experienced users for whom a climb can never be steep enough!

Superlight meets comfort: "Speedtouring" binding reduced to the essentials for high alpine use with magnetic climbing aid.

Mono-Link toe piece with Easy-Entry-System combined with the fully adjustable toe piece of the RT2.0 (horizontal AND vertical release, no U-spring!), 30mm adjustment range through included R01 adjustment plate.

Additionally, "SRA" crampon mount and Leash SBC02 are included. Between DIN "5" and DIN "10" variably adjustable horizontal and vertical release values, 3 walking positions: Flat, + 43 mm, + 57 mm, 215 g total weight per binding (including adjustment plate, crampon mount + leash). Made from the highest quality CNC machined 7075 aircraft grade aluminum.


• Easy Entry System: new geometry of the toe parts elements that makes the step-in easy and confident with any tech boot available on the market, even in case of worn out soles.
• Monolink Technology 1.0 System: the left arm of the toe part is fix, provides a weight reduction of 2,5 grams per toe part and improves stiffness. Lower pressure on the locking system with higher performances.
• The Magneto Heel Flaps with raiser guarantee an increased comfort and provide 3 different walking modes.
• The release system provides a 5 to 10 adjustment range, both lateral (Mz) and vertical (My).
• Cam Release System: exclusive system that provides the most stable downhill performance on the market, extremely precise release and the softest heel step-in of the industry.


• Materials: Alu 7075, Stainless Steel, POM
• Release: 5-10
• Adjustment 30 mm
• Optional brake: Touring ski brake (R15)
• Speed kit included: incl. R01 adjustment plate, crampon slots and Leashes
• 3 walking positions: Flat, + 43 mm, + 57 mm


According to manufacturer bindings are ideal for:
800 - 1300 g ski weight
60 - 95 mm ski waist



Easy Entry System
Komplett neues Design des Vorderbackens. Ein weicher Step-In, der sicher und leicht zu treffen ist, für alle aktuellen Modelle verfügbar ist und auch bei abgenutzten Sohlen funktioniert.

Magneto Heel Flaps
An ingenious as simple magnet system provides the handling and stabilization of the heel flaps. Extremely light and comfortable heel flaps system.

Cam Release System
The Cam Release System is fitted inside of our touring bindings heel parts in order to drive the boot step-in and vertical release in case of fall. A special CAM profile is pressed towards the heel pins by a pre-tensioned spring: when the step-in or a fall release occur, the pins are forced to go through the CAM profile which provides a precise resistance to the pin release, depending on the release value set on the binding.
• Provides the best downhill performance on the market, with consistent and unrivalled reduction of boot-torsion
• Extremely precise release performance
• Provides the easiest step-in heel in the sector
• Compact dimensions and exceptionally light

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ATK Haute Route 10 incl. Adjustment Plate & Leashes Alpine Touring Bindings Schwarz Weiß

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Product attributes:

DIN Setting:10
Original Colour:Schwarz Weiß
Ski Touring Category:Uphill Performance FocusAllround
Sustainability:Made In EUWir Denken Um
Weight:165 g/Stk.