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Product details: ATK C-Raider 10 incl. Stoppers Alpine Touring Bindings Black / Purple

The ATK C-Raider 10 including stoppers is a particularly lightweight and at the same time robust and fully equipped alpine touring binding.

The housing on the front toe made of carbon plastic prevents snow, ice, or stones from accumulating under the front toe, fully adjustable rear toe with two magnetic climbing aids.


• Fabrics: aluminum 7075, POM, stainless steel, 30% carbon fiber composite.
• Release value: 4-10
• Adjustment range rear jaw: 25 mm
• Climbing aid: +32, +37, +46, +52 mm
• Length compensation: 12 mm (E.R.S)


According to the manufacturer, the binding is ideal for:
• Medium width: 80 – 120 mm
• Ski weight: 1000 – 1700 g 
• Body weight: 40 – 80 kg



EES System
Completely new design of the front jaw. A soft step-in that is safe and easy to hit, available for all current models and works even with worn soles.

CAM Release
The CAM Release system is located in the rear toe of the touring bindings to regulate both the Step-In and the vertical release in case of a fall. A special CAM profile is pressed against the heel pins by a preloaded spring: this guides them along the profile during step-in or in the event of a fall. This provides precise resistance to the release of the pins, depending on the set release value.

Elastic Response System
The Elastic Response System compensates for the flex of the ski caused by jumps or high pressure. A spring placed between the slide of the automatic heel release and the adjustment screw of the binding allows a length compensation of 10 or 12 mm, depending on the model, thus preventing false releases.

Magneto Heel Flaps
Magnetic climbing aids with operation that is as simple as it is ingenious.

Snow Pack Proof System
The Snow Pack Proof System describes the special construction of the toe piece that prevents snow or ice buildup under the springs.


Please note: The selected stopper size should be the next larger one, based on the center width of the ski (example: center width 95 mm -> 100 mm stopper). The “Size” selection corresponds to the stopper width.

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ATK C-Raider 10 incl. Stoppers Alpine Touring Bindings Black / Purple

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Product attributes:

DIN Setting:10
Original Colour:Black / Purple
Ski Touring Category:Freetouring
Sustainability:Made In EUWir Denken Um
Weight:305 g/Stk.