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TIEFSCHNEETAGE NEW ITEM  Alpina Twist Five CM+  Sunglasses Seamoss Matt Ceramic

Alpina Twist Five CM+ Sunglasses Seamoss Matt Ceramic

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Twist Five CM+
Twist Five CM+
Twist Five CM+

TIEFSCHNEETAGE NEW ITEM Alpina Twist Five CM+ Sunglasses

Style and function: connecting the Alpina Twist Five CM +. The full-frame glasses score with a variety of adjustment options and very high-quality mirrored lenses.

It protects and protects and protects - the Twist is one of the best-selling sports glasses on the market. And not without reason: since its introduction, it has set standards in terms of wearing comfort, adaptation and design. The first model was called Twist Zero in 2005. The sports glasses are now in their fifth generation - and continue their own success story with the Twist Five CM+.

The Twist Five HR S CM+ full-frame version brings a stylish design and highly functional lenses. The mirroring reflects infrared rays and thus reduces strain on the eyes. Meanwhile, 100% UV protection is guaranteed at all times. An anti-fog coating on the inside ensures that the lenses do not mist up. The surface is roughened to a microscopic level.

This prevents moisture from adhering and the lenses from misting up. In addition, water and dirt roll off more easily thanks to the hydrophobic coating on the outside. The side arms can be set at different angles so the glasses can be individually adjusted to the shape of the face. The Twist Five CM+ combines style with high-quality technology - for the best protection during sports.


• glasses bag included
Packaging includes microfibre bag to clean lenses
• 2 component design
Comfortable fit and wearability due to stable frames, with soft arm tips and/or nose pads
• adaptable nosepads
Cold-shapeable nose padding fits any nose shape
• optical glazing possible
Can be fitted with corrective lenses from approximately -4.0 to +4.0 diopter by an optometrist
• adjustable inclination
Adjustable arm angle to fit to your face

• 100% UV-A, -B, -C-Schutz
100% UV protection
• Fogstop
The anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens ensures a fog-free view
• Hydrophobic Lens
Clear vision thanks to water-repellent, stain-resistant nanostructure on the lens
• Mirror
The reflective surface reflects infrared rays
• Ceramic
The ceramic material lenses are break-proof and offer 100% protection
• Decentered Lenses
Clear, undistorted vision thanks to decentred lenses

Please note: This item is part of our „Testival Assortment”, but has not been tested. Therefore it is fully functional and in its original condition. Warranty and conversion rights remain untouched.



Original Colour

Seamoss Matt Ceramic

Changeable Lens


Tested Item

Tiefschneetage New Item


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