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Product details: ABS S.Light Base Unit (without Cartridge) + S.Light 15 Zip-On Avalanche Backpack Dawn

The new ABS s.LIGHT convinces with its low weight of less than two kilograms and its high functionality. The proven TwinBag system provides a large surface area, which also provides highest possible safety.

The activation handle can be attached for both left handed and right handed users and enables the necessary individualization. The ergonomically shaped shoulder straps are adjustable in length and together with the optimally balanced weight distribution between shoulder, hip and back ensure high wearing comfort.

A hip bag, storage space for a first aid kit and tools, leave nothing (more) to be desired. The handle can be stored in a special storage compartment when the backpack is not in use. The carrying system is also certified according to DIN EN 16716 TÜV.


Double Safety with ABS® Twinbags
With the TwinBag system, ABS® is the only manufacturer to ensure double safety with two completely independent airbags. Both airbags are filled independently with separate valves and hold the air independently - if one valve or airbag is damaged, a second one always remains. Avalanches do not only occur on gentle meadow slopes. On the contrary: obstacles such as stones, rocks, mountain pines and broken trees can be found in the crash lane. With just one airbag without separate chambers, a crack in the airbag shell is enough to completely lose the function of the entire system! ABS® has the most practical experience and therefore exclusively uses TwinBag technology with two independent airbags.

Individual Egonomic Fit
With the s.LIGHT ABS® offers an avalanche backpack with an optimal fit. The versatile adjustable straps for hips, shoulders and chest make the lightest avalanche backpack of the inventor of these products comfortable and easy to adapt to individual physical conditions. The new s.LIGHT also promises an optimal fit and pleasant wearing comfort for women.

Ultralight, despite high Functionality
The s.LIGHT is the first avalanche backpack with the proven ABS® Twinbag System, whose base unit weighs less than 2 KG. This weight optimization, of course, does not mean a loss of safety or functionality. The s.LIGHT ZipOns allow a lateral ski attachment on the one hand and a snowboard mounting with specially adapted and developed snowboard straps on the other. The s.LIGHT also offers space for a drinking system, shovel and probe and a first aid kit. An ice axe can be attached to the ZipOn just as easily as a helmet with the help of the supplied helmet net.

Easy Zipon Change
Thanks to the well-known ZipOn principle, s.LIGHT backpacks with 15L or 30L packing volume can also be attached to the corresponding base unit simply by zipping. In addition, the p.RIDE compact ZipOns with a packing volume of 18L, 30L or 40+10L can also be zipped. This allows unlimited combination and application possibilities without the need to extend or modify the airbag system.


Weight in Gramms:
Base Unit: 1970g
Zip On: 330g
Cartridge steel: 510g
Cartridge carbon: 280g

Total weight incl. Carbon Cartridge and 15l ZipOn : 2580g

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Product attributes:

Original Colour:Dawn
Weight:2580 g/unit
Volume:15 Liter
Incl. Protector:No
Sustainability:Wir Denken UmFair WearBluesign