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Product details: ABS S-Light Base Unit Compact Avalanche Backpack (without Cartridge) Saison 18/19 Rock Grey

The ABS S-Light Base Unit Compact avalanche backpack 18/19 convinces with its low weight of less than two kilograms and its high functionality. The proven TwinBag system provides a large surface area, which also provides highest possible safety.

It is compatible with all p.Ride Compact Zip Ons (18l, 30l, 40+10l). This already existing variety is extended by two new Zip On sizes, which were developed and produced especially for the S-Light.

The activation handle can be attached for both left handed and right handed users and enables the necessary individualization. The ergonomically shaped shoulder straps are adjustable in length and together with the optimally balanced weight distribution between shoulder, hip and back ensure high wearing comfort.

A hip bag, storage space for a first aid kit and tools, leaves nothing left to be desired. The handle can be stored in a special storage compartment when the backpack is not in use.

• ABS Twinbag System
• Individual setting of the activation handle
• ergonomically shaped, length adjustable shoulder straps
• Additional hip bag
• Certification of the carrying system: DIN EN 16716 TÜV
• Weight Base Unit (without Zip-On, without Trigger Unit): 1970g
• Weight S-Light Compact Zip-On 15l: 350g
• Weight S-Light Compact Zip-On 30l: 410g
• Weight Trigger Unit Steel: 515g
• Weight Trigger Unit Carbon: 282g

Total with 15l ZipOn and Carbon Cartridge: 2600g
ABS Twinbag System
ABS reduces the weight. With a total weight of less than 2 kg, nothing hinders more dynamic mountain tours if you want to travel more easily and weight is a factor. Nevertheless, safety remains the most important issue. ABS consistently relies on the proven technology of the TwinBags. The TwinBags are made of resistant material and offer an extremely large surface area, which is crucial in the event of an avalanche to float up. In addition, the TwinBags offer double protection through two separate chambers: If one airbag is destroyed in an emergency, a second one remains.

Please note:
• The ABS Airbag is operated with ABS Cartridge (item numbers 79702088 / steel or 79702095 / carbon); No other cartridges are suitable!

• Express orders for cartridges are not possible due to airfreight regulations!

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Original Colour:Rock Grey
Weight:2600 g/unit
Sustainability:BluesignFair WearWir Denken Um
Hi Sport Conrad
Is the "ABS s.Light Compact Base Unit" compatible with the "Evoc ZIP-ON ABS PRO TEAM, Orange - Ruby". I found this link to the EVOC zip-on: https://www.exxpozed.com/evoc-zipon-abs-pro-team.

And what do you recommend for cartridge and trigger unit?

Best regards
Hi Søren,
no, to the ABS avalanche airbag back packs are only the ABS Zip Ons compatible.
Kind Regards