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Product details: TIEFSCHNEETAGE MONTAFON NEW ITEM ABS P.Ride Base Unit Compact + Zip-On 18L Avalanche Backpack (without Cartridge) Mountain Grey

The ABS P.Ride compact Base Unit is a convincing solution with ideal weight distribution and maximum wearing comfort thanks to its ergonomic carrying system. Shoulder and hip straps are ergonomically pre-shaped and padded. The release handle with integrated partner release is height-adjustable and also adjustable for left-handers without tools. This can be easily stowed in the "OFF-position" in the shoulder strap.

The electronic release allows unlimited, free test releases. The height-adjustable chest strap includes an emergency whistle. The adjustable back length and adjustable shoulder straps allow a perfect adjustment to the individual body size. The main difference between the p.RIDE compact and the p.RIDE original is its reduced size while maintaining the same level of functionality.

Compact Zip-On 18L
The ABS P.Ride compact 18l is the perfect zip-on for shorter trips to the backcountry. It has useful pockets and compartments for everything you need to find quickly: The emergency equipment can be stored in a separate emergency compartment for access in seconds; keys, money and mobile phone can be stored in an extra valuables compartment.

A waterproof side pocket made of sturdy material offers quick access to skins and crampons, and the Zipon has a ski holder on the side and a fastening for snowboards and snowshoes. The volume of the Zip-On can be reduced via lateral compression straps if less packing volume is required. The helmet can be stowed away in a removable helmet net. Drinking systems can be integrated.

ABS Twinbag System
ABS presents the new generation of avalanche airbags: P.Ride is the only avalanche airbag that has a serial, mutual partner release via remote control and thus reduces a great safety risk in the terrain: In avalanches, 20% of the airbags are not deployed because the handle is not pulled, the airbag was not functional or the airbag is destroyed.

With P.Ride, each group member can now deploy all or even only individual airbags at the same time, thus actively reducing the risk of burial both for themselves and for all group members.  An automatic system check ensures that the system is ready for use. The TwinBags are made of extremely resistant material and offer a 30% larger surface area. Double protection by two separate chambers: If one airbag is destroyed in an emergency, a second one remains.

Please note:
• The ABS Airbag is operated with ABS P.Ride Cartridge item number 79702097 ; No other cartridges are suitable!
• Express orders for cartridges are not possible due to airfreight regulations!

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Original Colour:Mountain Grey
Tested Item:Tiefschneetage Montafon New Item
Weight:3200 g/unit
Volume:18 Liter
Sustainability:BluesignFair WearWir Denken Um