ABS A.Bove Snow Shoes Dusk

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Product details: ABS A.Bove Snow Shoes Dusk

ABS A.Bove is a particularly compressible snowshoe with inflatable frame.

The tiny pack size per snowshoe allows for easy and convenient stowage of snowshoes Unlike other snowshoes you can even store them INSIDE of your packpack. So no need to attache them on the outside

Compared to other snowshoes on the market these snowshoes are super light (air=Light). 500g per shoe. Not only for carrying the snowshoe but also when you actually wear them you dont feel them on your feet. So, no extrweight while walking.

The inflatable structure and design enhances floatation on snow.By inflating the snowshoe the surface gets really big which means better floatation

The adaptive structure of the snowshoe follows the terrain and minimizes stress on your ankles. Also it helps when traversing because the snowshoe can adapt to to the underground and your crampon is still able to touch the ground


• Minipump
Mini Pump included but you can use any bike pump to inflate your snowshoe
• Stowage bag
• nice bag to store your snowshoes and also to carry them is included
• Valve Cover
The valve cover upside down helps you to deflate your snowshoe very quickly
• Crampons
Stainless steel crampons to avoid sliding
• Easy handling
Fix your snowshoes with only two handles
• Sizing
You can use your ABS snowshoe with waterproof hiking boots or winter hiking boots.Even with Snowboard Boots you will still fit in this snowshoe, just make sure to chose the
bigger size. Different from other snowshoes you chose the size here depending on your shoe size.


S/M: until EU 40
L/XL: from EU 40

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Original Colour:Dusk