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Product details: 22Designs Lynx NTN Light Telemark Bindings

The new standard in free-pivot telemark.

Introducing the 22Design Lynx, an NTN tech-toe touring binding. It’s a completely new design featuring composite flex plates, adjustable preload and binding activity, and a lightweight yet durable design. Built with machined aluminum parts, an easy-to-switch ski/walk mode, and lightweight springs with plenty of travel, it’s the new standard in light touring for telemark bindings.


The tech-toe design allows touring without any lifted binding weight, so skiers can keep up with even their spandex-clad AT brethren. But since it’s a 22 Designs binding, skiers get the durability they expect and the reward of smooth, powerful tele turns on the way down.

One touch puts the binding into free pivot mode. Once at the top, ski mode is also easily pole activated, peel skins and drop in!



• Esay step-in and out
• 80º step angle
• 3 levels
• weight per pair, incl. stoppers
• Large 1000 Gramm, Größe Small 960 Gramm
• Small for NTN boots SCARPA and CRISPI from Mondo 26
• Large for NTN boots SCARPA and CRISPI from Mondo 26,5
• Small for NTN boots Scott and Garmont from Mondo 25,5
• Large for NTN boots Scott and Garmont from Mondo 26
• 2 years warranty
• Made in USA

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Product attributes:

Weight:980 Gramm/Stk.
Telemark Category:Telemark Binding
Telemark Standard:NTN